See Another Day

by So Chi Voices

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My tears fall like a rain cloud
I think about you when it rains out
Streets ain't the same now
without your voice in it
I salute you like lieutenants, I aint seen you in a minute
And it feels cold like February snow
Whether you're in the wild hundreds or Michigan and Ontario
There's progress but it's very slow
And if you don't think the hood needs help you a contrary soul
We need more leaders and teachers and trustworthy preachers
The government sought to deceive us but still we hold it down
And though they beat us and cheat us we're rising up like the Phoenix
They say, "why aren't they defeated"
And then we showed them how
Because we know the game clear like cellophane
And though this pain got me twisted up like propellers mane
When you rain on us, our trees grow roots
And then our hood grows strong and watch our seeds bear fruit
And that's the Chi

Plant me in your garden
Watch me bloom
A little sun, a little love, will help me see it through
I am a rose
Growing strong today
We won't let our sadness silence us
We'll see another day
We'll see another day
We'll see another day

Down Here feel like nobody cares
We still marching for victory while
Rahm ignores our bloody tears
Everyday we try to switch the gears
But it's hard to stay up when
They keep burning down the stairs
Blaming US for our own violence
You say Black Lives Matter but
You sit there in your own silence
Different months but the same riots
And whoever said truth hurts
Swear to God them niggas not lying
Others tell us where we don't belong
Martin and Malcolm gone
but still the same ole song
Yet we still rise up from that Chi-Town Dirt. Trying to get outta the system
For whatever it's worth
Media buries the truth
We tired our burying youth
And for some strange reason
They think our souls bullet proof
We gotta keep to this grind
While paying the haters no mind
Cause every day is our time

Don't let your heart get heavy
And your soul get tired
You are here in this world only for a little while
The sun will always right
The storm will pass away
There is love inside of you
And you'll see another day
Even though we cry
We'll see another day
Voices to the sky
We'll see another day

They try but they can't hold us
As we grow strong (repeat)

Let it rain down, let it rain down, let your love rain down on us (repeat)

They try but they can't hold us
They try but they can't hold us
They try but they can't hold us


released November 25, 2015
Lyrics by Edgar Blackmon, Rashida Sheedz Olayiwola, Julie Nichols, Rashawn Nadine Scott
Music by Julie Nichols
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Mike Malarky

Vocals performed by So Chi Voices



all rights reserved


So Chi Voices Chicago, Illinois

We are a collective of artists who are committed to inspiring hope and change in our community and the world . Inspired people inspire people.

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